Three Ways Storytelling Can Make Your Email Marketing Strategy Succeed

Develop an email marketing strategy that captures your audience and keeps your brand top of mind.

Storytelling creates a mental picture in the mind of a reader that can stick with them for years to come. When a reader connects with a story, a bond has been created and oxytocin is released so the story will be remembered much longer. A personal connection is made with this approach and it helps keep your story top-of-mind when the reader sees your brand in another setting or when they’re deciding between your brand and one similar to yours. Using this tactic in your email marketing strategy can be a powerful tool to gain brand traction. If your goal is to raise brand awareness or to inform about a new product or service, storytelling can result in successful resonation. Let me tell you more on how. 

Know Your Customer

Surprise, surprise, it all begins with a catchy, compelling subject line that must be investigated further. Think about who your ideal audience is and what will drive them to open that email. Don’t just blend in with the countless number of emails in a potential customer’s inbox, add a personal touch to stand out. Then, start identifying what they’re most interested in after being immersed in your catchy intro. How will what you’re offering benefit them and improve the quality of their lives? Always know and speak to your audience

Share Your Passion

If you’ve created a brand, more times than not, there is an enormous amount of passion and purpose behind it. For a potential customer to connect with your brand, knowing how you started and the fuel behind this passion can trigger an unmatched connection. Conveying failures just as much as success’ lets the reader know that your brand is nothing but authentic and genuine.

Be Relatable

Warby Parker got the storytelling thing down when they created this fun, captivating piece. They created a group of characters that the average person can relate to. A conflict takes place unveiling what the struggle is here and that it negatively affected the character for the better part of the year. The resolution solved by the company is revealed making this a relatable, realistic story. 

Another great example is from SoulCycle. This inspiring and motivating story has us convinced to sign up with them ASAP without even an ask from them. It’s a brand that’s hard to forget when they succeed at painting a mental picture by simply describing the “hum of the wheel.” A connection has already been set in stone by knowing what fuels their journey and why they do what they do. When it comes time to choose a cycle club, we know who we’re going with.

Storytelling is truly a form of art and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being a part of your email marketing strategy. Understanding the needs of your audience and what they hope to get out of your story will set you up for success. Create a piece highlighting the depth of your brand’s passion while realizing that storytelling is as old as time and if done right, will resonate with your audience in the exact ways you aspire it to.