Perfecting Content Delivery for the Customer Digital Journey

Most businesses who are maximizing their digital marketing channels can attest that top-notch content surrounding your brand and SEO set up to perfection are vital components of success. But if you’re not delivering the appropriate content depending on the phase of the journey a customer is in, you’re missing an important part of the puzzle. Meticulously serving content based on what a potential customer expects from your brand shouldn’t be overlooked as this provides personalization to set you apart from other brands in your niche. This can be done through content delivery based on the customer digital journey.

A customer journey provides a lens into the steps a user takes as they become aware of their problem and acknowledge your brand until a solution is found and a conversion takes place. Delivering the right content from awareness to advocacy will put you in the perfect space to create brand authority. 

As we previously covered, getting to know your audience is crucial to the success of any business. This can be done through ways like creating buyer personas and utilizing analytics to learn the needs of your ideal audience. After taking an in-depth look into what they truly desire from your brand, you’re then ready to focus on content delivery for the customer digital journey. 

Attract, Engage and Delight Customers on Their Digital Journey

The first step is to drive awareness, and for this, you must attract. This can be done by creating informative and engaging content in the form of blogs, infographics or social posts. These are proven methods to get eyes on your brand and raise some eyebrows. 

One you’ve attracted the audience you’re looking to connect with, you should work to engage your attracted audience by building relationships through tactics like email marketing and retargeting. You can offer case studies or samples to your new potential customers in this step. They will then find exactly what they were looking for and a conversion will take place. 

When looking to create customer retention, the delight phase then comes into play. Here, you should deliver follow-ups in the form of coupons or surveys which can also be done through email or remarketing. 

Methods to Track the Digital Customer Journey

Now that content has been created for each part of the customer journey, you’re ready to determine where they are along the journey track and which of the content sprinkles you’ve left to lead to the conversion, ask or purchase. 

We recommend achieving this automatically through a marketing automation tool like Salesforce or ClickDimensions to track the journey in one place. This advanced system uses customer personas and data and insights specific to your brand, its audiences and their interactions with your content. It’s also used by a lot of account-based marketing campaigns. By being able to pinpoint where a consumer is along the spectrum of your content journey, you can match, create and deliver digital marketing content accordingly and on the platforms producing the most delight.

All in all, mapping out the customer journey whether outlining in a doc or building in a marketing automation tool provides valuable insights into the most optimal content to present at the perfect time. Understanding the desires of your audience based on where they are in their journey will ultimately provide exactly what they are in need of at that particular moment. And don’t forget that delivering the appropriate content is crucial to attract and retain customers and to create life-long relationships.