How to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy With SEO

The piece of content you just created could be exactly what someone needs to uncover the answer to a lingering question they have. Everybody wins, except if the SEO related to your newly made piece of content is subpar. Let me tell you why. To maximize the amount of relevant eyes on your useful content, SEO is a game changer when it comes to being seen at the right time and building brand authority. While important, implementing a solid strategy doesn’t end with identifying high-volume keywords, but a variety of techniques should be used. Here’s how you can optimize your content marketing strategy with SEO to generate high-quality leads.

Create Brand Context Pillars

This can be done by identifying the needs of your audience through market research and developing content based on those different areas of interest and what they’re looking to gain from your brand. With this, you can narrow down your content into specific categories which is what search engines are looking for in the ranking process. Topics should be based on the areas of knowledge that are essential for your consumers to better understand your brand. Then, as you perform your marketing persona and audience research, you’ll uncover the exact keywording and phrasing your target audience is currently using to find information and products just like yours. 

Strategically Incorporate Keywords in Your Content

After identifying your brand context pillars, you are then able to research a list of high-volume keywords associated with them to use throughout the content creation process. Use these keywords wherever it makes sense, like in the title, headings, meta description, and alt text. Not only does it amplify your content marketing tactics in general, but it also gives the SERPS crawlers exactly what they’re looking for in an orderly manner. Computers love this. And when you digitally check all of the crawler boxes, you’ll naturally start to rise in context, influence, and ultimately traffic! It also enhances the chance that your content will show up when someone searches for this topic. When you implement the correct keywords throughout your content, generating high-quality leads and increased traffic is the result.

Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy Relevant 

Ensuring your content is up-to-date in today’s ever-changing digital landscape is crucial as brands work to maintain good relationships and trust with their consumers. Check back frequently to make sure the information is still in good standing and remains the best practice. Don’t forget the use of backlinks and make sure these pages still exist upon reevaluation. In addition, create new content and revisit old content and update it. Relevance is almost as critical as quality scoring when it comes to SERP crawlers. 

With such an excess of content vastly available on the web, you’ll want to stand out to gain brand awareness, generate high-quality leads, and ultimately ROI. A solid strategy that includes identifying topics related to your brand and keywords associated with them is a great start when looking to optimize your content marketing strategy with SEO.

Stay top-of-mind by keeping up-to-date on search engine trends and algorithm updates, and also remember to track your progress through a tool like google analytics and optimize accordingly. These techniques will land that great piece of content on the eyes it will most make an impact on.