How to Create a Cohesive Sales and Marketing Strategy

The same goal exists between the sales and marketing teams, although the strategies they use to execute the common goal may differ. The efforts of these two components can be independently optimized, but aligning the two can help generate 209% more revenue. Rather than marketing strictly focusing on the top of the funnel and sales the bottom, a unified ownership of the whole system can provide an aligned sales and marketing experience to the consumer that’s essential to create the ultimate brand/value connection. We’ve listed ways to create a cohesive sales and marketing strategy that we know will work to meet business-wide objectives.

Collaboration Between Teams 

A door of opportunity opens when each team more clearly understands the steps the other takes to execute their strategy. As they collaborate, they can identify consumer pain points and how each team works to provide a solution to them. Strategy updates should regularly be communicated to keep each team in the loop and give them the opportunity to optimize their strategy accordingly. 

Clearly Communicate Insights 

As full transparency takes place across the sales and marketing teams, along comes understanding consumer trends and behavior from a different perspective. The marketing team can create and deliver content based on the new information they learned about their ideal audience while the sales team can add new found insights into their approach when working to close the deal. Communicating consumer data at different parts of the journey positions the teams to provide aligned messaging that resonates with the consumer all the way through the closed deal.

Share Goals and KPIs Regularly

It’s common for the marketing and sales teams to be laser focused on their own goals, but sharing these with one another may lead to the best chance of reaching that goal. Understanding how the other team executes their goal may provide the missing piece for the other to do the same. If the sales team has top-notch messaging that will undoubtedly close a deal, the marketing team can implement this into their strategy to create leads. 

Intertwining sales and marketing throughout the funnel allows a customer to flow seamlessly through the journey. Learning how to create a cohesive sales and marketing strategy can provide the information the consumer needs to help them understand the value your product or service holds. Aligning these two components also allows a brand to deliver a better buyer experience and hit the mark on objectives to increase revenue.