Harnessing LinkedIn Ad Campaigns For B2B Marketing Success

This article was originally published on Forbes and written by Noblestream Marketing CEO, Ashlee Piga.

LinkedIn stands tall as the champion of business-to-business advertising. Boasting a staggering 950 million-plus users worldwide, this platform is about more than professional networking: It’s a space for businesses looking to connect with industry leaders, decision makers and potential clients.

Today, I’m going to delve into harnessing LinkedIn ad campaigns. I’ll explore why they’re crucial, share winning strategies and discuss how to create spot-on content across different stages of the sales funnel to captivate the right audience at the perfect moment.

The Benefits Of LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Here’s why LinkedIn ad campaigns should be part of your digital marketing playbook:

• User base: LinkedIn boasts a user base that’s educated and higher earning, and 141 million people log on to the platform daily, offering an abundance of opportunities for engagement.

• Precise targeting: With LinkedIn’s precision-targeting capabilities, you can home in on your audience by job titles, industries, company sizes, location and more. It’s like having a bull’s-eye on your ideal prospects.

 B2B focus: If your business caters to other businesses, LinkedIn is where you want to be. Eighty percent of the platform’s users drive business decisions, making it a fertile ground for cultivating high-quality leads.

• Flexibility in budget management: Whether you opt for a daily spending cap or allocate a fixed total for your campaign’s duration, LinkedIn ensures that your financial investment aligns with your marketing objectives.

LinkedIn also serves up a wide menu of ad formats to suit different goals:

• Sponsored content: This advertising format allows you to take your regular LinkedIn posts, such as articles, images or videos, and promote them to a broader audience beyond your immediate network.

• Sponsored InMail: Craft bespoke messages delivered straight to your audience’s inboxes. It’s an intimate way to connect with prospects directly.

• Dynamic ads: These ads dynamically update content to ensure it’s always relevant to the viewer.

• Video ads: Engage your audience through captivating video content. Videos are incredibly engaging and can deliver complex messages effectively.

Winning Strategies

To elevate B2B campaigns on LinkedIn, I always tell our clients first and foremost, your brand tone must be conversational. You have to appeal to the interest of the buyer, but also be someone they could see themselves working with. Rather than sounding overly promotional, framing the content as a solution to your audience’s challenges creates a connection and fosters engagement. Avoid generic messaging that may get overlooked, and ensure your visuals are attention-grabbing to stand out amid the wide amount of content offered on LinkedIn.

Engaging in thought leadership through organic LinkedIn posts can also complement your advertising efforts. We have found success in advising our executive content clients to share valuable insights, industry trends or unique perspectives and establish them and the brand as an authority; this also builds trust with your audience. This synergy between organic and paid content contributes to a comprehensive and impactful brand presence that should be a part of any winning LinkedIn ad strategy.

Crafting The Perfect Message For The Right Moment

Succeeding on LinkedIn requires crafting a strategic ad campaign that delivers a finely tuned message at each stage of the sales journey.

The top of the funnel is where you let the world know you exist and the product or service you offer. This is the awareness stage, where your goal is to cast a wide net and get your name out there. Sponsored content can help you introduce your brand to a vast audience.

Types of sponsored content to consider include single-image ads, where a carefully chosen image can convey the essence of your brand at a single glance. Carousel ads offer a versatile canvas to showcase multiple aspects of your brand story or a range of products and services. With thought leader ads, you can share valuable insights, trends and expertise, positioning your brand as a go-to source for thought leadership within your field.

As prospects descend the funnel, you can roll out campaigns that cater to their unique pain points. LinkedIn’s dynamic ads provide that personalized touch, nudging engagement. This is the stage where you offer specific solutions and information tailored to their needs.

Our B2B advertising clients use dynamic ads to showcase adaptable solutions that resonate across diverse industries. These ads can also spotlight client testimonials, offering a broad yet personalized touch that addresses concerns across various sectors. Dynamic ads serve as versatile showcases of solutions, communicating that your B2B company caters to the diverse needs of your audience.

Don’t lose sight of those who’ve already crossed paths with your brand. Remarketing on LinkedIn is the secret sauce for nurturing leads and transforming them into loyal clients. It also keeps your brand top of mind for those who have already shown interest.

By leveraging LinkedIn’s sponsored InMail, you can send personalized messages straight to your audience’s inboxes—great for lead nurturing and direct interactions. This is a more direct approach to engage with potential customers.

Beyond LinkedIn: Landing Pages And User Experience

Your LinkedIn ad campaign is only as good as the landing pages it directs users to, so consider the following elements:

• Seamless harmony: Your landing page should echo your ad’s message and design, creating a fluid user journey.

• Mobile mastery: Given the hefty amount of mobile LinkedIn traffic, ensure your landing pages are optimized for mobile.

• Refined forms: Keep forms brief and hassle-free. Collect only essential information to reduce friction and boost conversion rates.

• The science of testing: Regularly A/B test your landing pages to enhance and amplify their performance when necessary.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a versatile platform for B2B marketing, and it offers a terrific opportunity to market to your audience at various stages of the funnel. By using LinkedIn ads to engage your target audience, and directing them to exceptional landing experiences, you can transform leads into devoted clients.